Niobec is a mining company that believes that a commitment toward sustainability and social accountability made by all employees and contractors is fundamental to its success. Niobec highly values its commitment towards the community and the protection of the environment and is proud to have received a Silver rating in 2020 from EcoVadis, a third party independent organization. This recognition confirms our dedication to transparency and sustainable and responsible operations throughout our entire supply chain.

These fundamental principles are implemented through our commitment toward the following:

The establishment of operation standards that comply with, or exceed, laws and regulations, as well as Niobec’s environmental and social impact reports, environmental and social management plans, and the mine closure international plans and protocols of which Niobec is a signatory party.

These guiding principles will be applied through a commitment to:

  • Establishing site operating standards that meet or exceed relevant laws and regulations, Niobec’s environmental and social impact statements, environmental and social management and closure plans and international protocols of which Niobec is a signatory
  • Requiring that all employees demonstrate leadership and commitment to continual improvement in environmental protection, pollution prevention, community awareness and economic performance
  • Respecting human dignity as well as the rights of the individual and of the communities associated with our operations
  • Integrating risk management into all facets of our business including maintaining emergency response plans to minimise or avoid the impact of unforeseen events
  • Constantly improving our environmental performance by establishing measurable environmental targets in order to reduce the impact of disturbances, containments and discharges
  • Providing opportunities for communities associated with our operations to share in the benefits flowing from our activities through developing long term alternate economic and capacity building projects
  • Creating lasting relationships with communities built on mutual respect and trust in order to reach agreed objectives and shared involvement
  • Developing appropriately funded reclamation strategies for all operations from exploration through to closure
  • Practicing good corporate governance, transparency, fair dealing and reporting annually on performance

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Scope of the EMS

EcoVadis Certificate

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