Health and Safety

Every person returns home every day in health and safety.

Niobec requires that all its employees and contractors make a commitment toward health and safety in the workplace so as to ensure a work environment free of incidents. We believe that it is our duty to protect our employees and contractors against potential dangers in the workplace. To reach and maintain this goal, management must implement and lead a constant quest for safety to which all employees participate by elaborating sound safety practices.

These guiding principles will be applied through a commitment to:

  • Understanding that no task is so important that it cannot be completed safely
  • Providing a safe and healthy workplace for all our people
  • Training and continually motivating our people to always work in a safe and responsible manner
  • Incorporating leading practices within health and safety in the planning and decision making process throughout the life cycle of our operations
  • Achieving excellence in health and safety performance through the application of leading practices
  • Complying with relevant legislation and exceeding community expectations
  • Striving towards continual improvement in our safety and health performance by setting and reviewing achievable targets
  • Holding all our employees and contractors accountable for our health and safety performance

View the PDF of our health and safety policy by clicking here

Annual Review

Our latest annual health and safety incident review have led us to set up action plans for the prevention of accidents.
Among several actions, here are some with the highest impact :

  • A risk analysis approach by individual and by team. These analysis are carried out every day notably by the use of the employee’s work card.
  • Periodic review of our operating procedures. Each year we reinforce the use of our procedures by setting up an observation protocol approved and supported by the supervision.
  • The annual appointment and awards of several health and safety ambassadors among our employees. These people are then invited during the year to develop the company’s health and safety culture through various activities.
  • The annual review of our health and safety results. From this, we review and update our accident prevention plan to continually reduce risk of any kind for our peolpe on site.

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