Vision, Mission, Values


Responsibly operate an integrated site for the production of quality ferroniobium, ranging from extraction to marketing, for international customers, while maximizing the economic potential of a world-class deposit to create value for all of our stakeholders.


Thanks to the skills of our employees and our forward-thinking ways of doing business, we aim to ensure the sustainability and growth of our company by safely producing quality ferroniobium at a competitive cost.



We believe that every person should go home safe and healthy every day. In all our activities, Niobec values safe behaviours and actions towards controlling risks.


We believe that collaboration, communication and openness are the lasting foundations of respectful and harmonious relationships. Niobec is committed to providing a healthy workplace where every employee is treated equally and fairly.


We promote honest and good faith communication with all of our stakeholders. Niobec acts with pride and respects all the requirements and rigorous standards to which it is subjected.


We see teamwork and creativity as collective levers for achieving and exceeding our goals and targets. In order to be better and to grow our business, we constantly strive for improvement by pushing the boundaries and always questioning ourselves.

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