Niobec modernizes its infrastructure

3 March 2021

Osmosis factory

In line with our focus on continuous improvement, as well as performance that respects the areas around us, in 2020 we undertook the construction of a new water treatment plant.

The function of this new plant will be to desalinate mine water which is pumped to the surface. Once on the surface, the water will go through various stages of pretreatment and then be desalinated. The desalination process will be carried out through the combination of two (2) advanced technologies, an ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis unit followed by a forced circulation thermal evaporator. These two processes will use the latest technologies available on an industrial scale; thus, creating a water treatment process unique in North America. Once processed, the natural salt (extracted from mine water called “brine”) will be sent to our paste backfill plant to be mixed with our tailings and binder to eventually be returned underground. A positive cycle for the environment!

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